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TDK Corporation

Image of TDK's ALT4532-EVA-01 Evaluation Board

ALT4532-EVA-01 評估板

TDK 的 ALT4532‐EVA‐01 評估板簡化了獨立 LAN 磁性元件解決方案的評估。

Image of TDK's VLS-EX-H Wirewound Inductor

VLS-EX-H 線繞式電感器

TDK 的 VLS-EX 系列功率電感器是采用鐵氧體磁芯的磁屏蔽繞線式電感器,旨在用于各種汽車應用。

Image of TDK's Transformer Design Tool

Transformer Design Tool

Digi-Key & TDK offer a semi-custom design tool to automatically calculate & recommend transformers based on your specifications using TDK’s ECO series platform.



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近期 PTM

5 minutes
Leaded Chokes (Inductors)
Introduce EPCOS's wirewound fixed inductors and discuss their features, the markets available, and the product offering.
5 minutes
Gas-Filled Contactor for High-Voltage DC Switching Applications
An overview of the Gas Filled Contactor component for application in the electric vehicle market, solar array installations, and energy stand alone storage systems.
10 minutes
ERU Surface Mount High-Current Power Inductors
The ERU series of helical power inductors by TDK Corporation feature a very low profile, high rated current, low DC resistance and a large contact area.
20 minutes
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection
Information of the battery charging and discharging circuit architectures within the hybrid electric and electric vehicle applications.
5 minutes
SMT Current Transformer Series
Overview of the EPCOS EPC7 and EPC10 series of surface mount current sense transformers.
5 minutes
SMT Push-Pull Transformer Series
The series is designed to be used at a typical switching frequency of 250kHz and offers different turns ratios to define the output voltages.

關于 TDK Corporation

TDK Corporation (Tokyo Denkikagaku Kogyo) 創立于 1935 年 12 月,其宗旨是成為全球首家磁性材料“鐵氧體”工業化生產商。自創立以來,TDK 一直在利用以鐵氧體和陶瓷為中心的材料和先進的加工技術來發揮材料的最大功用,不斷推出各種產品和服務。TDK 的創辦理念“以豐富的創造力,回饋文化與產業”直至今天仍在不斷激勵著公司全體員工。